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To experience the canyons of the Uvac lake, watch eagles gliding above, speed down the steep slopes of the Zlatarsko and Uvac lake, pass through hundred-year-old forests, hidden forest trails and pastures on bicycles, climb a 1600m peak
and descend by rope from rocky cliffs using rock climbing techniques, and finally end the day with the highest quality fruit brandies – this is something that can only be experienced in Western Serbia.

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The plan for the first day involves a combined MTB tour. The bikes and gear (helmets) are ready and waiting. Our route takes us along the
hillsides of the Zlatarsko lake, hidden forest trails, ancient villages, karst fields. At the end of our road we reach the Uvac lake dam. The lake is within the boundaries of the Uvac Special nature reserve, know as one of the largest habitats of the griffon vulture in the Balkans. We leave our bikes at the dam and transfer to an engine-powered vehicle. Be board a boat that will allow us to explore the beauty of the lake, cruise across the green waters and tour the Ice cave. We ride for some 13 km one way. We land on the steep shore and disembark to tour the Ice cave. We can frequently glimpse the flight of the griffon vultures above us. Their wingspan often reaches 2.80 meters. The Ice cave is about 2.5 km long and is not prepared for tourist visits, which makes visiting it even more attractive. The cave has a constant temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, both in winter and in summer, so it is advisable to dress warmly. On our way back, if time and temperatures allow, we will stop for a swim in the clear waters of the lake.

Our way back takes us by the Zlatarsko lake, the second in line, one side of which we have already toured by bike. We cross the lake dam and return to our lodgings, to our kind hosts, who greet us with local delicacies.After an exhausting day and evening, we prepare for the following day.
On the second day of our adventure, in addition to a scrumptious breakfast we will be serving a bit of adrenalin. The plan is to reach the summit
of Mt. Mučanj, which rises right above our place of accommodation. On one side, the mountain has a mild, rolling slope, covered in pine and deciduous forests, while the other side plunges vertically for 70-100 meters, with its steep limestone cliffs. After playing around on the cliff, we’ve developed an appetite. We descend to our lodgings and slowly prepare for our return. Lunch, and then our return to Belgrade. Tired but satisfied, with our muscles still tingling, we relax on our way back to the hotel.