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Tam-tam, tam-tam, tam-tam. Like the drums keeping rhythm for the rowers of a galley, ringing in our ears as we dip our paddles into the calm lake waters and sail away into our adventure. We drift into a branch of the Zlatarsko lake guided by the crystal clear river course and the sound of eagles gliding overhead. We have some 10 kilometers of the most picturesque part of the lake to look forward to, the branch that connects it to the Sjeničko lake. Narrow meanders, barely a couple of meters wide in places, old suspended bridges, the green waters of the lake surround us as we glide along. In case of good weather, jumping out of the boats and swimming in the lake is a must!

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Our final destination is the dam on the Sjeničko lake that rises up above our heads. Our transportation will be waiting there with our
gear. We pack up and continue on, away from the rhythmic sound of the galley drums, and travel back in time, towards the ancient caravan
route that connected Istanbul (Constantinople) and Dubrovnik. At the mouth of the river canyon we are greeted by one of the most important
monasteries of Serbian medieval culture: the Mileševa monastery, located by the river of the same name which the caravan route followed.
After a little rest we set off on a short walk and visit to the Mileševka canyon. As we walk along the narrow paths, 300 m beneath us the
Mileševka roars along. The road is narrow and we visit former monks’ retreats along the way. The aromatic Blagay’s Daphne grows here, as
well as the sweet chestnut and black pine. One of the symbols of the canyon’s wilderness is the griffon vulture that nests in the Mileševka canyon.The former caravan route that passed through this way and connected Dubrovnik to Istanbul was the only possible passage through these crags and mountains. After the tour, we pack up and return to our lodgings for dinner and rest.

On the second day, after breakfast and recovery from the previous day’s exertion, we have a day of relaxation. After struggling through the river jungle, summoning lake spirits, visiting the medieval monastery and old caravan routes, remembering the age of knights, we move to the 20th century. To the age of the birth of the steam locomotive. The Shargan 8 is the name of the museum-tourist narrow-gauge railroad (around 760mm wide) of the restored section of the former Užice-Višegrad-Sarajevo railway.During the one-hourlong ride, the train passes through 22 tunnels and over 5 bridges, along a track that makes a 300-meter ascent. Not far from the Mokra Gora station is Drvengrad (Timber Town), the ethnic film village of the world-renowned director Emir Kusturica, with a view of the station and the Shargan 8 railway.The expert jury of the Architecture Foundation Philippe- Rotthier of Brussels proclaimed Drvengrad the best architectural achievement in Europe in the last three years. After a stroll
around Drvengrad, lunch, enjoying the view and relaxing, we will slowly make our way back to Belgrade. Back to the future!!!