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On the eastern side of Serbia right at the Bulgarian border, lies Old Mountain. Part of the Carpathian massif and separated from the Carpathian mountains themselves by the river Danube, it is stretched across 560 kilometers throughout the Balkan peninsula, from the eastern parts of Serbia towards central Bulgaria. The highest peak within Serbian borders is Midzor (2168m), which is also the highest peak of central Serbia. Old Mountain is unique, a place where everything seems enlarged, from jagged reefs to centuries old beech trees.

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With its plentiful waterways, Old Mountain is rich in flora and fauna; a vast number of endemic plants which are used in traditional medicine
are spread across its lush landscape. Slipper orchids, for instance, grow only on this mountain in Serbia, and there is also the nearly extinct maidenhair fern. Given the high number of rivers, Old Mountain also has an abundance of waterfalls. In fact, one third of all waterfalls in Serbia can be found on Old Mountain. The highest ones are the Čungulj and Pilj waterfalls, 42 and 64 meters high, repsectively. The first day in the morning our bicycles await for us, eager to begin the journey towards Babin zub. Our task will be to descend towards Zavojsko lake, but before that we will climb one of the phenomenal rocks on Babin zub. The road leading to Babin zub is about 5 kilometers in lenght, which should be fairly accessible in terms of difficulty. Following our arrival on Babin zub, with our equipment in tow we will climb the extraordinary rocks of Old Mountain. The
entire effort will be supervised by our highly experienced team of alpinists. As our climbing adventure comes to a close, we will rest before departing with our bicycles down towards Topli Do, a humble village found at the foot of the southeastern side of Old Mountain. The path we will
take is 14 kilometers long, encompassing a vast and lively landscape. Short sightseeing breaks will form a part of our journey. As we finally arrive in Topli Do (750m), a brief but well desrved rest will ensue before we proceed to cover another 12 kilometers of land on our way towards Zavojsko
lake. We will rest and soak in the surrounding nature after we arrive at the lake, enjoy lunch and depart via transport to our accommodation&SPA.
The second day, our adventure starts at our place of accommodation, the hotel Falkensteiner, from where we will depart on our bikes for Babin zub. It will take around 5 kilometers for us to reach Babin zub, a perfect warmup for what we will face later; a beautiful 16 kilometer long
trek towards Midžor. We will take a woodland path that passes through the spring called ‘’ Muska voda’’, where we will replenish our water supplies. Our way to Midžor will also cover the peaks Zarkova cuka (1848m) and Prilep (1906m). Depending on the overall readiness of the group, we may
include additional breaks along our journey. It would around 4 hours for us to reach the summit of Midzor. If the weather is on our side, we will be able to gaze upon a breathtaking landscape which stretches 150 kilometers into the distance. Whilst on the peak we will rest, maybe take photos, before preparing for our descent. Following the same path, we will return to our bikes, and from there to our accommodation,
where will will depart for Belgrade.